DonAid – Redefining how to give with confidence

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December 10, 2016
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DonAid – Redefining how to give with confidence

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The Client

DonAid CIC is an community interested Company residing in the UK that is focused in building solutions that will revolutionize how we think, believe and act. At the height of increase in cases of donor funding embezzlement like the Bono "RED" and "ONE" campaigns, one man had a Eureka! moment at a Coffee shop.

The System

Richard Fox-Davies (one of the directors) was buying coffee and as he received his change, he didn't want to stay with pennies and saw a jar full of change directed towards charities and before he put his, he asked the barista, "how do you know if this will reach the charity of choice?" the lady stared at the jar, and back at Richard and simply smiled and said "We don't, we just believe no one steals this money, similar to church offerings" and that's when he got the idea to build a system to track these small denomination donations that people just give and lose interest about it the minute they leave the coffee shop.

So DonAid is a system that enables clarity and confidence within the world of charity giving allowing for allowing the flow of money around the world to be identified and reducing the gap between charities and those that support them.
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The Challenge

When the DonAid project started, our goal was to create the first Minimum Viable Product(MVP) that would be able to showcase global donation tracking. And you heard that right, GLOBAL!.
What does this mean? It simply means, that a donation made anywhere in the world can be viewed in the system and tracked until it reaches the specified charity. This came with it's own set of challenges. We had to build a unique algorithm that could be able to identify the donor, the collection agent that received the money, the charity it was heading to. (We also were able to know even the place and time the donation was made) from every donation that was tagged to the system.
This gave us countless nights for everyone, and couple of hundreds of bugs later, we were successful in being able to tag a global donation for the next 100 Trillion transactions before we'd have to adjust our system.

But that was not all. The algorithm was the first part of the puzzle we had to solve. The rest of a platform that would generate the tag every time a donation was made, track financial reports from several banks that we associated to move the money from until it reaches a given charity organization and also interpret a donation tag every time someone wanted to query the donation to find out where it had reached. This was the creme de la creme. And it took us a whole half of 2014 to build it. We decided on Laravel framework (PHP) to host the application as at the time, the framework had proven it's mark in being able to scale with large scale (enterprise) systems, and we can also affirm to it's reputation because it did stand the test and the system was able to scale with size without compromising on speed.